Wellcare Nursing Services is fully committed to providing an all-inclusive, accessible website for our users. Please note, the following statement applies only to our website.
This statement provides an overview of:
● Our approach
● Features that enhance the website’s accessibility
● Things to do, should you have any queries or feedback for us


We ensure that this website is developed in compliance with the guidelines provided by the W3C Accessibility Initiative.

Accessibility Features

● Text – All text is resizable using hold down the Control key (Ctrl) and spin the mouse wheel to make the fonts smaller or larger. Text can also be resized using Control + and Control – on the keyboard
● Images – All images have been given appropriate alternative text.
● Colour- All pages on this website are checked for contrast and colour combinations to ensure that these are viewable regardless of your colour-vision.
● Style Sheets – Mark up documents with the proper structural elements, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are been implemented
● Markup- There are required mark-up in the tables utilized which can be transformed by accessible browsers and other user agents
● Navigation – Proper navigation is implemented to make the website user-friendly
● Compatibility – Our website is responsive to maintain compatibility with all browsers and devices.

Queries and Feedback

We are always looking to improve the accessible of this website. If you have any questions, or find any problems with the website not meeting accessibility required, please contact us.

Keyboard Access

Access Keys / ‘Skip to Main Content’ features are enabled to allow direct access to main page content.