Wellcare Nursing Services take pride in the in-depth training programme we offer to all those who want to work for us. Our training programs provide better opportunities for all employees to extend their knowledge and skills.

Quality training is very important for the delivery of professional, uniform, and consistent care and support we offer through our dedicated nurses and healthcare assistants to the vulnerable members of our society. We appreciate your time enabling yourselves by attending our in-depth training programmes. We invest in rigorous recruitment techniques and on-going assessments to ensure complete and optimal outcomes to our clients.

Transform Your Team's Capabilities and Drive Noticeable Results

Discover more about our training programs and you start your career with Wellcare Nursing Services. To increase performance and healthcare knowledge and skills, our training programme combines:
  • Classroom theory with practical demonstrations
  • Workbooks and assessment
  • Interactive exercises
  • Online courses covering all aspects of care training

What Do You stand to Gain?

  • More Efficiency
  • More Job Opportunities
  • More Revenue

Get trained by industry experts! Please use our resources page to register yourselves for the online, classroom-based as well as PMVA training.

Online Training

Specialist Training

Classroom/Mandatory Training

PMVA Training & Breakaway Technques